I am raising funds to paint sixteen portraits of Puerto Ricans living in the island over the course of a six week stay. The island portraits will be shown with portraits of Puerto Ricans living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Bay Area portraits will be completed in my Richmond studio or at people’s homes. These paintings will be part of a show in the fall of 2016.

Click on the photo to see the video for my Kickstarter campaign. If you experience any issues while trying to contribute, please contact me via the contact form on the Blog page and I will be happy to help you.

Here’s a little more about me and about the portrait series that preceded this one.

I feel that more than ever, visibility is important for Puerto Ricans. The fate of our island is being decided by a Fiscal Control Board. This, is the real disaster that preceded hurricane Maria by a couple of years. While there are many economic recovery efforts under way, Puerto Ricans everywhere exist largely outside of the public’s consciousness. 

How Will You Accomplish This?

Photo of Rebeca and Elsa in front of one of Rebeca's paintings.

At the opening of Califas, a show where I had three portraits.

I don’t work from photos. My models are live, but I work fast. I believe paintings made with someone posing are fresher and more alive than the portraits I have painted from photos, and I can do a portrait in three or four hours (just look at my video!). My hope is to complete at least 16 portraits measuring 36 x 36 in (91 x 91 cm). I will be traveling to Puerto Rico on December 3 and stay with friends and relatives.

I have contacted them ahead of time and asked them to find sitters that can pose at their home or outdoors. My deadline is January 12, 2019.  I will document my work through frequent updates I will post in a blog that I will share with all donors. I will be showing the portraits at Sanchez Contemporary in July 2019. I do not plan to sell all the paintings, because I would like them to travel together and become a catalyst for the discussion of Puerto Rican issues.

How Much Are You Raising and For What?
I am seeking $7500 for the island part of the project, to pay for transportation, some supplies, payment for the sitters, and the cost of shipping the paintings back to the Bay Area (1/3 of the budget). There is a breakdown of the costs on my Kickstarter page. The entire project will cost $12,000 per my calculations.

Why Should I Support Your Project?
Your contribution would increase the visibility of a Puerto Ricans everywhere and support the  project of a working artist. If you support this project, you will have access to the blog where I will post frequent updates of this project, and you will receive prints or original, small paintings, some done in Puerto Rico. Please check my Rewards page to find out more and thanks for reading!

Photo of a portrait of Carmen D Melendez by Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez

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Just saw Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez’s amazing portrait painting video! She is raising funds to complete 16 Puerto Rican portraits and has a Kickstarter project. Learn more at http://kck.st/2T5RkJf #puertorico #latinxart #portraitpainting

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Portrait painting by painter and friend Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez, who aims to complete 16 portraits of Puerto Ricans living in the island by January 12. Read more at http://kck.st/2T5RkJf  #puertorico #latinxart #portraitpainting

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I want to share this video in support of my friend Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez, who aims to complete 16 portraits of Puerto Ricans living in the island by January 13. She has a Kickstarter campaign with many rewards. Because I know you like local art, I thought you might be interested in seeing what she is giving away in exchange for every contribution. Here is a link: http://kck.st/2T5RkJf

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